Help Andytown feed and caffeinate healthcare heroes!

Author: Jenny Huang

From Andytown’s newsletter: Speaking to the nurses and doctors in the city, we have found that there is a major need for meals and coffee for workers as they pull 12+ hour shifts with their usual coffee and food places closed. We have launched a project to get coffee into the hands of the hardworking healthcare professionals of San Francisco. 

We are coordinating with local hospitals to send coffee, cold brew, pastries, Happy Moose Juice, and Nana Joes Granola Bars. Our customers (that’s you!) use our website to purchase coffee and pastries, and we deliver to healthcare professionals around San Francisco. This program has allowed us to stay in business while focusing our time and resources on serving the first responders who are keeping our city healthy and safe. When your order is delivered to a healthcare facility, you will receive an email with a photo and details of where your coffee or pastries went.